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Carol House Furniture-Case Study:

Carol House Furniture, a large retail distributor, was in need of more space, to better serve their customers by increasing their inventory. After researching new locations and the cost to construct a new building, a more efficient use of the existing buildings’ cubic space was considered. The solution was to create a pair of two-story mezzanines that would increase their floor space by 14,000 sq. ft. at a fraction of the cost of new construction.

The building condition did present some obstacles. Concrete piers and footings were added to support the massive mezzanine loads. Also, the mezzanines had to meet stringent code requirements relating to IBC 2003 for St. Louis, MO, a high seismic area. Engineering by Prest Rack was a major factor in securing this project.

Critical to Carol House Furniture was to partner with a distributor capable of providing a ‘Turn-Key Project’. The distributor, Bommarito Industrial Sales, Inc. was required to coordinate all materials and labor ranging from concrete to sprinkler systems in conjunction with city inspectors and requirements.

Tred-eXtra flooring was provided for these mezzanines, which is a unique, moisture resistant, high-density composite flooring to provide a strong smooth surface with long life.